a girl giving tips on male masturbation

Hey friend, I want to talk to you about male masturbation.​ It’s something important that I feel more guys should be open about.​

I recently read an article about it that gave me some great advice and I wanted to share it with you.​ First of all, lube is essential.​ Many guys don’t realize that, depending on the amount of sexual activity you’re having, even your own body’s natural lubricant won’t always be enough.​ Lots of lubrication increases the pleasure of the experience and your own comfort.​

Second, figuring out what feels best for you takes time.​ Don’t be afraid to experiment and take your time.​ There are all kinds of toys and other objects you can use as well, but it’s important to realize you don’t suddenly need to run out and buy one of everything.​ Almost anything can be done without them.​

Third, sex isn’t just about the end result.​ If it’s all over quickly, don’t worry too much.​ Instead, focus on the journey.​ Slow it down, allow yourself to enjoy it and focus on your surroundings instead of just the end result.​ That’s when you open yourself up to an entirely new world.​

Fourth, don’t be shy about talking to yourself.​ Talking out loud or silently encourages your subconscious to allow yourself to let yourself go, no matter how silly you may think it is.​ Moaning and sometimes even screaming can help with that too, especially because it gets your body to relax and enjoy the experience.​

Fifth, masturbating isn’t just about yourself, it’s about exploring yourself as well.​ Even if you don’t think that someone is watching you, try to frame the experience as if they were.​ Instead of simply lying in bed by yourself, try viewing it as something special and something to be celebrated.​

Lastly, keep an open mind.​ Maybe exploring prostate stimulation, different fantasies or anything else interests you.​ No one’s saying that anything has to be off the table.​

Now, when it comes to exploring prostate stimulation, keep one thing in mind: relax.​ And don’t worry if the sensations feel strange or different at first.​ You’ll need some practice, but as long as you remember to take your time and relax, you’ll find that it can be a really enjoyable experience.​

Use a lubricant, take your time and start off with your fingers.​ When you feel comfortable with that, then you can progress to buying tools specifically tailored for prostate stimulation.​

When it comes to different fantasies, start by writing down ideas in a notebook or a journal.​ Fantasies are a great way to add more excitement and creativity to your experience.​ Start off with ideas like role play, domination, submission or BDSM scenes.​ Or maybe you like the idea of something more vanilla.​ Anything goes as long as it feels right and enjoyable for you.​

Using toys is always an option as well.​ Want to explore things like vibrators, dildos and cock Penis Rings? Go for it.​ But always remember to use lubrication and take your time when exploring them, just like you would with your own fingers.​

Don’t forget that masturbation can also be an opportunity for you to really explore your own body.​ Take your time and explore all the different pleasure spots you never knew existed.​ Listen to your body and let it guide you.​

Finally, don’t be afraid to try new things.​ Maybe you’ve been longing to try something new.​ Maybe you’re not sure if you’re even into certain fetishes.​ That’s totally fine.​ The important thing is to take your time and explore it in a safe way.​ You can always back out if it doesn’t work for you.​

Your body is made to be explored, so don’t be scared to do just that! Whether it be with a partner, by yourself, with toys, or figuring out what kind of fantasies you like, you can find a whole world of pleasure inside yourself.​ Good luck, and happy exploring!