aumood handheld male masturbator

The other day I got this new Aumood Handheld Male Masturbator and man was I excited! The idea of a machine that does all the work for me was too good to be true.​ First thing I noticed was the ergonomic design of the device.​ The contours were just perfect, fits in my hands like a glove.​ It felt so lightweight and comfortable to hold.​ That was a great start.​

Second thing that caught my eye was the wide array of functions it offered.​ From mild vibrations to extra-intense pulsating patterns, there’s something for everyone.​ You get to customize how the toy works and find the right balance for you.​ The powerful, yet quiet motor gives you varying speeds for a unique experience.​

Third, the easy-to-use control panel.​ Located on the top, it features intuitive buttons that can be easily navigated – with the addition of an LED display to track your progress.​ I had a great time playing around with the different settings, almost like I’m a kid again and exploring a whole new world!

Fourth, the Aumood Handheld Male Masturbator comes with numerous accessories depending on the bundle you buy.​ Oysters, condoms, headgear, vibrators and more – you’ll be sure to find one that suits your preference.​

Lastly, the value it brings.​ For a $30 price tag, it’s a steal.​ It’s a great addition to my personal stash of sex toys- and I’m sure it’ll last for years to come.​ My friends have even gotten their own, and they’re just as impressed!

The Satisfaction Factor

Now let’s get to the most important part- how it feels! I can tell you it’s quite something.​ The unique design allows for deep penetration and powerful stimulation.​ I think you’ll agree with me when I say that feels really amazing.​ Whenever I switch to the highest vibration setting, it feels like an explosion in my pants.​

I’m not exaggerating either.​ To make it even more pleasurable, I lubricate it before use with a water-based lubricant.​ And I switch up between the different power and speed settings every now and then for a different experience.​ It’s a great way to add another dimension to the intense oscillations.​

The Texture of Comfort

This toy is covered with a layer of TPE material that feels silky soft.​ It also features a ribbed texture that’s sure to intensify your pleasure.​ My partner sometimes uses it on my chest and it feels amazing.​ It’s also easy to clean, as a simple wipe with soap and water does the trick.​

The Compact Design

Let me tell you another thing; It’s quite compact and you can store it easily.​ It is lightweight and thin so carrying it with you wherever you go isn’t a problem.​ I love how small it is compared to my other toys and it’s great for discreet use.​

No Battery Required

To top it all off, the one feature that impressed me the most is the recharging technology.​ Forget about ever having to buy batteries again.​ All you need to do is plug it in to charge and you’re good to go!

For Achieving Maximum Pleasure

One more great thing about it is that it can be used with or without a partner.​ I think this alone relieves a lot of pressure you might have around sex.​ Plus, its unique shape makes sure you reach the right spots for maximum pleasure each time.​

It’s also great for exploring different positions and finding out what really turns you on.​ Needless to say I’m already a fan of this versatile, value-packed toy!

The Easy Clean-up

One of my favorite things about this toy is how easy it is to clean up.​ You just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth and some mild soap, and that’s it.​ It’s easy to take care of and maintain.​

The Build Quality

The Aumood Handheld Male Masturbator is built with 100% medical grade silicone and other quality materials.​ This ensures it’s completely safe, comfortable and pleasant to use every time.​ It’s got a sturdy housing that keeps you confident that nothing will break, Penis Rings and also comes with a one-year warranty in case something goes wrong.​

The Benefits

I can tell you one thing- this little machine has completely changed my life.​ From intense, pleasurable orgasms to sci-fi level control, it’s one of the best investments I ever made.​ It’s also great for strengthening your pelvic muscles if you’re trying to spice things up in the bedroom.​

The Final Verdict

How to Use a Cock Ring - Melissa Guides You Through!In conclusion, this toy is a definite winner in my books.​ I’d definitely recommend it for anyone searching for an intense sensational experience.​ With its numerous features and affordable price, it’s truly hard to beat.​ So what are you waiting for? Go and get it now!