buddies use my sex doll

My buddy recently got himself one of those sex dolls, and I have to say I was more than a bit curious. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about it at first. How would our friendship look if we incorporated something like this? All of that hesitance aside though, sex dolls I knew that my buddy was making sure to do his due diligence and get something of the highest quality, from a reputable doll-maker. Plus, he also got something that looked really natural and life-like. I guess you could say I was (begrudgingly) intrigued.

The next time we got together, he started bouncing from one wall to the other about his new sex doll and all the fun things he could do with it. I think the actual machine gun fire of words, ideas, and fantasies he was unleashing must have been enough to inebriate me with sheer excitement. Then, he asked me if I wanted to try it out for myself. Instantly, my apprehension melted away. I mean, why pass up an opportunity like this?

So, I grabbed my coat, and just like that, we were out the door and walking towards his place. Even though it was quite chilly outside, I was hot and sweating with anticipation. When we finally arrived at the destination, I could hardly contain myself. I was like a kid waiting to open their presents on Christmas morning. Before I knew it, my friend had opened the box and was introducing me to her.

She was definitely beautiful and she seemed alive. I instantly felt a warm feeling that swept over me. By the graciousness of my friend, I was able to use her for the night as he kindly stepped aside and left for his own place to give me privacy. This was definitely a night to remember and the experience I had that night opened my eyes to sex dolls and forever changed my view of them (for the better).

I must say, using a sex doll was pretty exciting and I felt surprisingly comfortable. She was as light as a feather and really easy to move around. The body felt incredibly realistic and the interaction with her gave her life in the literal sense. Plus, I was in complete control. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a control freak, so this was definitely a great positive for me. The best part of this experience was that I never had to worry about feeling anxious or being worried about my partner’s reaction.

Now, whenever my buddy and I are together, we often talk about our respective experiences with the sex doll. To be honest, It creates a form of nonverbal intimacy between us that I find both delightful and comforting. We get to share these experiences in a secure environment and even joke about it without fear of judgmental eyes.

My friend and I also talk about which doll we would like to try and how we plan to upgrade the one we already have. The shenanigans that go on between us when talking about this can only be described as wholesome and at the same time hilarious. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to our next adventure with the sex doll.