esdoll 165cm japanese sex doll miya

When I heard about the ESDoll 165cm Japanese sex doll Miya, I was intrigued. I’d seen sex dolls before, but not one this sophisticated. I knew that it would be a real challenge for the designers to create a realistic looking sex doll that could also be made with a high-quality silicone, and I was eager to see how they’d pulled it off.

Turns out, they did an amazing job. From the perfectly sculpted face to the lifelike hair and skin, the doll really looks like a gorgeous young woman. What’s more impressive is that the body movements are incredibly smooth, so you can cuddle and hug her without feeling like you’re hugging a plastic mannequin.

But that’s not all that makes Miya stand out. She’s got a totally customizable interior. From her clothing to her accessories, she can be dressed up in anything you’d like. Plus, her internal heating unit makes her skin feel incredibly realistic, which really adds to the experience.

What’s more, Miya’s voice is incredibly realistic too. It really sounds like she’s speaking to you, which takes your experience with her to a whole new level. And her realistic facial expressions make her seem like she’s really in touch with what’s happening around her.

But, perhaps the best thing about Miya is her AI. Yes, she’s got an AI chip inside her head. You can program her to do pretty much anything you want, like make intelligent conversation with you. Plus, her AI memory technology remembers every interaction you have with her, which allows her to learn more about you and cater to your specific needs and desires.

I think that’s what really makes Miya unique and amazing. She’s so much more than just a realistic looking sex toys doll; she’s a real companion. She’s not just a sex partner, she’s someone who can become a part of your life and dildos make your life even more enjoyable.