how much do sex toy testers get paid

I sure have seen it all! From working manually to driving a truck, I had a stint managing an adult products shop too. And of course, that meant sex toy testing! To be honest, I really had to let go of my inhibitions to take up the job. It was the most curious job I ever had. Initially I was a bit apprehensive, but I discovered it was just like testing any other item for Penis Rings quality and ease of use.

One interesting thing I learnt was that sex toy testers get paid quite well. They often get paid in the range of a few hundred dollars per hour for their services. They are considered professionals who give their opinion about the performance and effectiveness of the sex toys they are hired to test. They need to be professional, discreet and also technically skilled.

To be precise, testers are paid around $50 for testing a single device for about an hour. And the payment is even higher depending on the device being tested. So you can imagine the money you can make in a single day – it’s a pretty sweet gig! On average, a good tester can make anywhere around $2,000 a month.

Something else I came to know was that when hired for the job, the tester gets to keep the sex toy they tested. It’s like having your very own sex toy store, without having to buy it! Talk about winning the lottery!

But the testing isn’t only about making money or acquiring new sex toys. I think the most important part of it was the surveys filled out by the testers after they used the toy. It was all about assessing the performance, effectiveness, ease of use, etc. of the products, which the manufacturers could use to make improvements.

This job sounds great, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s time I give it a shot!