japanese sex doll full body

This topic on Japanese Sex Doll Full Body has made me do a double take! I’m sure it’s something many of us weren’t expecting our conversations to pick up with our close ones, but here we are. To be frank, these full body dolls are something that I can’t quite wrap my head around but here, I’m going to offer an unbiased perspective.

Firstly, what is a Japanese Sex Doll Full Body? Well, in simple terms, these dolls are synthetic creations made with intricate details depicted in a life-like manner. Built-in soft silicone and plastic, the dolls weigh between 18-26 kgs depending upon their building. They are created to provide arousal & satisfaction to individuals.

Something that amazed me the most was the details put into touch, feel and look of these dolls. Depending upon the specifications, you can get anywhere between a facial upgrade (with eyelashes and more) and genitals, complete with skin-like texture. Even the body hair, adornments performed on the dolls are something that will leave you in awe.

When a person looks for or buys a sex doll the purpose and use is diverse. Many reputed companies provide customization option which can be used to alter body parts, skin tone, something I find incredible! Of course, basic features such as weight & realistic body parts are a given. In addition, people can also choose between different key features like an insertable heating rod for warmth and ‘fixed’ vision.

Another extraordinary aspect of the Japanese sex dolls is their use for more than just physical pleasure. Many sex coach & therapists use sex dolls as substitutes for live interactions during therapy. Having a physical body to interact with can help clients interact, discuss & even enjoy – conversations as therapy.

Something that is an absolute prerogative while making the purchase of a Sex Doll is their cleanliness and upkeep. With real sex dolls, they need to lubricated for hygiene purposes. Moreover, often cleaning & maintaining the dolls is not so easy. Therefore, sheath covers are a part of the purchase nowadays. Needless to say, great attention is paid to the facial & body parts of the Doll as they are the most important aspect of a human-like doll.

And finally, something which is very intriguing to me is the price. Now, for the full body dolls, the range starts from around 2000-3000 USD and can go up to 5000-6000 USD depending upon the customization & detailing desired. Thus, even at the highest range, these dolls are often seen as more affordable as compared to going to a brothel, for example.

In conclusion, although, I still do find the concept of Japan’s life-like dolls a tiny bit weird (if you don’t mind me saying so!), it does make a lot of sense, in terms of their customization, affordability & even help for medical professionals.

Moving on, although the concept of a sex doll is something new, it has been around for quite some time now. Reports put the start of the silicone-based sex dolls in around the ‘70s with the first being ‘Vita’. However, since then the production of sex dolls has increased substantially and many countries across the globe are jumping on board.

Furthermore, something I found quite interesting is the use of sex dolls in Japan for more than just physical pleasure. Reports suggest that the dolls are also used for companionship – we’re talking dinner dates, people taking them shopping and even on holidays! Who would have thought that?

And if you’re thinking that by having a sex doll it’ll act as a replacement for human contact, thats not the case. Several studies done have suggested that when the doll is used in the right way & perhaps to fill in the sexual repertoire of a person it can open the client to human conversation soon after.

Something that struck me is the marketing & branding of the dolls. Prominent companies have been seen to make their sex dolls seem as life-like as possible using some great branding techniques. Companies have even gone to the extent of holding funerals for the dolls once they are ‘discarded’.

The cost of these dolls is another thing that has risen substantially these days. Customers can choose from a basic design starting as low as $2500 and going as high as $10,000 depending upon the material used, customization requested as well as the quality of the aesthetic.

In terms of the people for whom these dolls are created, there’s really no limit. While traditionally the default demographic thought of would’ve been male, times have changed & so has the opinion. Sex dolls are hitting the list of must-haves even for females these days – in a world where self-care is of utmost importance, it’s hard to ignore the implementation of such pieces in the sex lives of a person.

Not to forget that many people with disabilities or other physical disabilities are increasingly counting on these dolls for pleasure and emotional connection. Given that these dolls are often seen as a physical embodiment of a bridge of trust that needs to formed, they’re a relatably investment for many who, for whatever reasons, have been ‘shunned’ from physical relationships.

And finally, ideological implications of bringing life-like dolls to life has been one of the biggest talking points. People argue whether these counterfeits are degrading & prisons used to trap individuals in a fantasy, or whether they help to express the satisfying outlook on real human relationships.

At the end of the day, I guess all we can really say is, ‘to each their own’. But I’m curious, would you get one – if you could? I’d love to hear what you think, let me know in the comments below!