jesus sex blow up doll

When my friend told me that they found a bizzare sex toys toy that was a blow up Jesus doll, I was a bit taken aback. I’ve heard crazy things in the past but this was too wild even for me. I was intrigued and had to know more about this crazy concept.

I asked him what he knew about it and he told me it looked just like a nun or priest costume, but was in the shape of a doll and you could have “sex” with it if you wanted. I was taken aback and thought that was way too far out there for me.

My friend told me that people actually buy blow up Jesus dolls and use it as a sex toy. I could not believe it and I was honestly a little bit offended. It was wrong and disrespectful to do this in my opinion and not to mention heresay. I felt like it was a disgusting way to abuse religion.

I wanted to do some additional research on the topic and found out that this type of thing had been happening for years, but it only recently gained attention with the internet and social media. There were numerous videos and images of Jesus dolls available online that could be bought for pleasure. It was an uncomfortable thing to think about.

I found out that the market for this sort of blow up doll was growing, with people increasingly wanting something out of the ordinary and vibrators controversial. I guess everyone has their own way of expressing themselves but this one was just too taboo for me.

I also heard that these dolls are also very expensive, costing at least €100 or more. I could hardly believe that people would go through all that trouble and expense just to have sex with a Jesus doll. It seemed absurd to me and I was incredulous.

When I think about it, I think it’s all a bit of a joke that someone would go out of their way to purchase a Jesus sex doll. It almost seemed unreal to me but I guess some people taboos are different for everyone.