male masturbation edging for days reddit

What a week I’ve had! The topic of male masturbation ‘edging for days’ has been everywhere.​ Being a sexually open-minded person, of course I couldn’t help but learn more about it.​ I had heard of edging before, but I had no idea that you could take this up to seven days or more.​

My friend recommended the ‘Male Masturbation Edging for Days’ Reddit page, and as soon as I joined the subreddit I was hooked.​ People came up with all kinds of creative ways to edge themselves.​ They shared stories and tips about their own experiences, and it was fascinating to learn about techniques I had never heard of before.​

I decided to give it a go myself.​ It was a challenge, and I definitely felt like some days I wanted to quit, especially day six.​ But there was something so addictive about it.​ I felt as if I had discovered something new, something that heightened my sexual pleasure beyond what I’d ever felt before.​

The other people’s stories on the page really motivated me to push my limits further.​ Those who had taken edging for days to fifteen days or more were my heroes! It was truly inspiring to see how far some had taken it.​ I knew I wanted to eventually build up to fifteen days or more, so reading those stories kept me going.​

I thought I was doing well until I read about ‘dry edging’.​ This is where you don’t actually masturbate, but you still work yourself up to heightened levels of pleasure.​ This was a whole new level of edging, and it was even more challenging.​ But luckily, others on the page had tried this technique and had advice for how to do it.​

Now that I’m past seven days, I’m so proud of myself.​ It is such an intense experience to keep that level of arousal for days.​ I can’t believe that it’s taken me a week to do something as simple as learning how to edge.​ I feel like a changed man!

Apart from the pure satisfaction of achieving something that I didn’t think was even possible, I’ve also gained a greater appreciation of my body and my sexuality.​ I am now much more comfortable talking about masturbation and sex in general.​ This is a far cry from how I used to feel, and I’m so glad that I decided to challenge myself with edging.​

In the future, I know that I’ll continue to experiment with different edging techniques and see how far I can take it.​ I’m already thinking about incorporating sex toys and vibrators into my edging routines.​ Who knows what wild and exciting things I’ll discover next?