My friend asked me the other day – where do women hide dildos – and I must admit I was taken aback at first by the question. We’d been discussing sex and intimacy and then she just threw that out there! I took a moment and thought about the answer, and it’s funny how a tiny question can reveal a lot about our attitude towards sex and sex toys.

Well, as it turns out – and this is no big surprise – women hide their dildos in a lot of different places. Some of the most popular (and somewhat unusual) places are inside large felt hats, in dustpan drawers, inside the toe shoe of a stuffed animal or behind a bedroom pillow. I think it really depends on the woman and her living situation. Some hide them in the back of their closet – which can work, but can also be pretty awkward if someone goes nudging through your clothes.

For me, I personally keep mine in a hand-painted wooden box my mom gave me, which is far away from prying eyes. Inside the box I can store all my sex toys, keep them clean and secure, and also keep them away from kids or grandchildren visiting my house. I think putting them in such a beautiful box also helps with the awkwardness of talking about sex and sex toys with visitors.

I have girlfriends who swear by storage pieces like nightstand drawers with built-in locks and dividers. This is perfect for people who live in small spaces and don’t have a lot of storage room. Plus, because it has a lock it ensures that your dildo will stay tucked away.

Others have even come up with creative solutions to hiding dildos. For example, some of my friends have fashioned bookshelves that are modular and portable and can contain all their naughty toys. Some have even made their dildo storage look like an art installation that doubles as a table for holding plants or books.

And for all the women out there who are a bit more adventurous in their approach to dildo storage, there are even sex toy bags. These bags are made of either cotton or velvet and feature several inner pockets and even hidden compartments, so you can store multiple toys without anyone knowing. They can even be hung up in the closet or inside a dresser drawer for easy access.

Lastly, if you’re really putting a lot of effort into hiding dildos, then you might want to invest in a lockable jewelry box. This way, you can store more than just dildos – think naughty necklaces, sex games, and handcuffs – and it will be safe and secure. What’s more, you can store it out of sight on a bedside table or in a dresser drawer, so visitors won’t be suspicious.

No matter what your living situation is, there’s always a way to keep your dildos tucked away. It just takes a bit of creativity and innovation! Do you have any creative ideas for hiding dildos? I’d love to know.