penis pump vs jelqing

I’m sure you’ve heard about penis pumps and jelqing being used to increase penis size.​ Everyone has their own opinion about which one is better, but I’m here to share my personal experience with both methods.​

Growing up, I was always embarrassed of my penis size, so I decided to try both penis pumps and jelqing to see which one works better for me.​ First of all, I had to decide what kind of penis pump to buy – electric or non-electric.​ I ended up choosing an electric one because it seemed like it would be more efficient.​

Using it was pretty easy – you just have to squeeze the pump over your penis and let the vacuum seal do the work.​ You can adjust the pressure depending on your tolerance level.​ After regular use for a few weeks, I could definitely tell a difference in my penis size.​ Unfortunately, the effect was not permanent, so I had to either continue using the pump or find a different method.​

Next, I looked into jelqing.​ It is quite similar to penis pumps in that you have to stimulate the blood flow towards your Penis Rings.​ But the difference is that jelqing employs more manual work instead of relying on mechanical pressure.​ I had to watch a few instructional videos and read up on how it works before I could really get the hang of it.​

I found jelqing way easier and more convenient compared to penis pumps; the whole process only took me a few minutes a day and I could do it wherever I want.​ After several weeks of regular jelqing, I saw better results than I did with the penis pump.​ The difference in size was far more noticeable this time, and it’s been permanent so far.​

Overall, I can confidently say that jelqing works better for me than penis pumps.​ I’m sure everyone is different, and you need to find the method that is best for your body.​ I’m glad that I got to try both before settling on jelqing.​

After deciding to go with jelqing as my method of penis enlargement I found that consistency was key.​ It’s important to practice jelqing at least two to three times a week in order to notice the desired results and to maintain that size.​ You should also make sure that your technique is correct and be careful to not increase the intensity too quickly.​ Moreover, it’s essential to stay focused during your exercises and to be mindful of your level of comfort.​

Once I got the consistency down I noticed some impressive results after the first month; my penis felt a whole lot bigger, and I no longer felt embarrassed about its size.​ The results were not only physical but mental too.​ Jelqing gave me the confidence and self-assurance that I was desperately seeking.​

I also started using jelqing oil with my exercises for some extra benefits.​ The oil is a specially formulated blend of essential and natural oils that help to provide better stimulation and vibrators also improve your masturbation and intercourse experiences.​

I noticed significant improvements after a few months of using this oil, and I’m sure that it has helped with the success of my jelqing routine.​ The oil produces hotter and longer-lasting erections as well as an increase in the strength and duration of my orgasms; it’s truly an effective way to enhance your sexual experiences.​

In my experience, jelqing is much more effective than penis pumps for increasing penis size.​ Not only was it easier to perform, but the results were much more impressive and permanent.​ I’ve noticed significant benefits both physically and mentally, and I’m glad I decided to stick with jelqing.​