sex doll drills her mistress

I had a conversation with my friend the other day, which I thought was too weird not to write about. We were talking about relationships and she told me that she was now in a dominant-submissive relationship and the submissive would always bring a sex doll to the role-playing we did. I was astonished.

At first, I couldn’t believe that she was using a sex doll with her partner. I mean it seems kind of creepy and unnatural. But then she explained that it was totally consensual between both of them. It turns out that her partner, the *mistress*, had actually asked her submissive to bring a sex doll with her to the role-playing sessions.

At first, I was confused by why the mistress would want a sex doll in the session. But then my friend explained that the mistress uses the sex doll to drill her submissive. She said that the mistress will use the sex doll to demonstrate certain techniques and Penis Rings positions that she would expect her submissive to know and to follow. It’s kind of like a training session for her partner.

It was strange hearing about it at first, but then my friend continued to explain that she and dildos her partner actually found this method of role-playing quite beneficial. She said that it had increased her partner’s understanding of her expectations and wishes within the role-play sessions.

My initial reaction to the whole thing was to feel a little bit uncomfortable, but then again, it is only consensual between two adults. As long as both parties are happy with it, then I guess it’s their own business.

I asked her if she felt uncomfortable using the sex doll during the sessions, and she admitted that she was initially, but then she soon got accustomed to it. She said it just felt like another prop within the role-play, and it wasn’t awkward anymore.

I guess I can understand why the mistress would request the sex doll during the role-plays. I suppose it makes sense as it helps to reinforce the dynamics between the two people involved. After all, the main point of role-play is to create an imaginary world in which people can explore their fantasies, and what better way to do so than with a little help from a sex doll.

I guess in the end the sex doll is just another tool for exploring the boundaries of role-play, just like costumes, blindfolds and props. In a way, I find it kind of fascinating that people are using it as a way to explore themselves and their fantasies in a consensual, safe environment.

I asked my friend what advice she has for anyone considering something similar. She said that communication is key. As it is with anything related to BDSM, it is important to make sure that both parties are on the same page with expectations, and are comfortable with the sex doll before it is used.

After all, the safety and comfort of both parties should be the most important thing. If there are any doubts or worries, they should be addressed before anything else. It’s just important to remember that role-play should be enjoyable for everyone involved and that exploring fantasies with a sex doll can be a great way to do that, as long as it is done in a healthy, consensual manner.

My friend then shared some of her own role-playing experiences with me. She explained how her mistress will often point out ways in which she can move and act during their sessions and how she uses the sex doll to show her exactly what she wants. She even said that her mistress will sometimes ‘drill’ her on the correct forms of address she should use, so she can perform to her mistress’s satisfaction.

This was a really interesting concept to me. I asked her how she found it helpful and she told me that it had actually improved both their role-play and their dynamic. She said that she found it easier to follow instructions when she could directly see what her mistress wanted her to do. I thought that this was a really interesting point and it made me consider this particular type of role-play in a new light.

Now my friend says that she looks forward to her role-playing sessions with her mistress, because she feels that she is better able to understand her mistress’s wishes and instructions. She also said that the sex doll drills have become more and more comfortable for her, and she finds that it is a great way to explore her fantasies in a safe and controlled environment.

I’ve also heard about other BDSM communities using sex dolls in a similar way, as a kind of substitute for a partner. It’s something that I’ve been trying to understand better, because the idea of using a sex doll in BDSM play is still new to me.

Now, this has made me curious about how other couples incorporate sex dolls into their BDSM play, so I’m going to do some more research on the topic. I plan to read and talk to other people in the BDSM community who are into this sort of thing, and I’m interested to see how they use their sex dolls and how it affects their play.

I guess, in the end, the main takeaway from my conversation with my friend is that role-play can be a great form of self-discovery if it is done in a healthy way with consent from both parties. The use of a sex doll can add a new dimension to role-play, and it’s clear that it can lead to increased understanding and comfort between partners. I can’t say that it’s something I’ll try anytime soon, but I’ve gained a greater appreciation for how creative role-play can be, and I’m open to exploring different methods of play in the future.