should you buy girlfriend a sex toy

10 Vibrators Worth All The BuzzI think it’s a tricky one when discussing buying a sex toy for my girlfriend. It’s a sensitive and personal subject that’s not easy to really make a decision on without consideration and thought. I think the first thing to do is have an understanding with her of how comfortable she is with the idea, if it’s even on the table at all. Sure, it can be a fun and sex dolls exciting gift, but if she’s not on board with it, there’s really no point in even continuing the discussion.

I think it’s important to remember that not all sex toys are created equal. There are so many options, so it really comes down to know what kind of toy she’d be comfortable with, what kind of level of intensity she’s looking for. That being said, it all really comes down to communication. My girlfriend deserves to be comfortable and feel good about the decision, and that means talking to her and understanding her needs and wants. I think that’s the best starting point in considering if a sex toy is the right decision.

Another question I’ve asked myself is, “What kind of message would this send?” It’s certainly a personal and intimate gift, and while it can be a fun and exciting thing, it can easily be misunderstood without having conversations and explanations about why. That being said, it can be an incredibly thoughtful gift, and something that’s genuinely shared between us.

The fact is, the decision to buy a sex toy should never be taken lightly. There are lots of factors, like safety, dildos cost, and overall experience that should be considered. If it’s a choice we make together – which I think is important – then I think it could be an experience that is both personal and exciting for us.

Finally, my opinion is that if it’s a positive and conscious decision to explore and share something special together, then yes, I would choose to buy my girlfriend a sex toy. That being said, communication is key in understanding boundaries, so I think starting with a comfortable conversation and exploring her thoughts could be a great starting point in helping us reach a decision.