teddy bear male masturbator

I’m here to tell you about the Teddy Bear Male Masturbator.​ Before I start, I should let you know that I’m not your typical sex toy reviewer, so I don’t have any technical nitty-gritty to tell you about this toy.​ What I’m going to tell you probably won’t make it into your next to-do list, but it might be something you’re interested in hearing.​

When I was about 19, my best friend and I stumbled across this little toy at a sex shop.​ We were both totally new to the world of sex toys and were curious.​ The description on the package read: “The Teddy Bear Male Masturbator”, and I couldn’t help but giggle a bit.​ But I was intrigued.​ When my friend asked why I was laughing, I simply replied, “A teddy bear and masturbation in the same sentence?”

So, in spite of the incredulousness, we decided to give it a go.​ We got out of the store, giggling and laughing between ourselves and sex dolls giggled all the way home.​ Little did we know, this innocuously-named toy was an experience like no other!

Once we got the package home, I opened it up and pulled out the little teddy bear-shaped masturbator.​ I thought it was hilarious and couldn’t quite believe that we’d just picked up what we did.​ But the instant I put it to use, all the laughs stopped.​ It felt so unbelievably good! Anything that feels this soft and velvety on the inside is made to envelope you with pleasure and the Teddy Bear Male Masturbator did exactly that.​

My friend and I were astounded.​ We both marvelled at how better than even the real thing it felt (at least for us!).​ Plus, because it was in the shape of a teddy bear, it was neat to hold and play with.​ We decided that we would both take a Teddy Bear Male Masturbator each and have our own secret pleasure companion.​

From that day on, I had a newfound appreciation for sex toys, and I used this particular toy quite often.​ The sensation was incredible and, to me, it was worth every penny.​ When I think back to the days when my friend and I were out of our minds giggling at the thought of the Teddy Bear Male Masturbator, it seems like such a long time ago.​

I’m sharing this story with you because I feel it’s important to remember to keep an open mind.​ One of the best things to come out of my teenage years was discovering just how amazing even the silliest-sounding pleasure products can be.​ It turns out that the Teddy Bear Male Masturbator is much more than just a name too, it’s a fantastic tool for pure pleasure.​

It wasn’t long before I started to hear from friends that there were other similarly-named toys available too.​ I was amazed at the variety of pleasure shapes, colors, and materials that were available.​ While some were a little more intimidating than others, I found that each type offered a unique sensation.​

The Teddy Bear Male Masturbator was the first pleasure toy of its kind and had such an impact on my sex life.​ I soon realized that it was possible to find pleasure no matter what shape or form it came in, and these toys offered a great way to do just that.​

They were a great way to treat yourself and experiment with pleasure in a safe and controlled way.​ With the wide range of products available, I felt like I could find something that was just right for me.​

The Teddy Bear Male Masturbator was the perfect introduction to the world of pleasure toys and helped me to find an entirely new way to enjoy sex.​ By discovering how pleasurable these products can be, I was able to expand my sexual knowledge, have more fun with sex, and even enjoy my solo time more.​

I can only hope that anyone who reads this story will come away with something positive.​ Whether you try out a Teddy Bear Male Masturbator or another type of pleasure product, take it as an opportunity to experiment and explore.​ The world of sex-toying is wider than you think and you never know what kind of pleasure you might find!