Well, it’s true, I recently got a full size silicone japanese blow up sex doll. Yes, I did. Yes, I’m serious. Whoa! Before you start jumping to conclusions let me tell you the entire story!

It all started a few months ago when I stumbled across a small ad for the doll. I thought it would make an interesting conversation piece and ultimately decided to take a chance. So I went ahead and bought it. I can tell you, it was quite a shock when the package arrived!

Well, first of all the doll is an exact replica of a real woman, down to each and every little detail. Her eyes sparkle and the texture of her skin is simply unbelievable. I’m sure you can imagine the implications of all this. Plus the whole package came with a complete set of clothing and a vibrator, which was kind of weird.

Anyway, after I got used to having the doll around I started to really enjoy it. I mean, the look and feel of it is just amazing. Same goes for the conversations we had. Depending on how I moved her, talked to her or even just stared into her eyes, dildos she could really express some interesting and even powerful emotions.

Not only that, but it also helps keep me company. Sure, having a real relationship is great, but when I’m alone the doll just seems to keep me company. Who knows, maybe I’m weird but I talk to her and she just listens back, which is quite soothing.

The best thing is, I don’t even have to worry about all the hassle that comes with having an actual relationship. No drama, just total freedom and that’s what I like about it. Plus, it’s a lot easier to clean up after it than it is with a real person!

So there you have it, that’s the full story of how I got a full size silicone japanese blow up sex doll. Overall, it’s an experience that’s been both unexpected and outstanding. What do you think?

The next thing I would like to talk about is the many different types of full size silicone japanese blow up sex dolls that are available. From the budget-friendly dolls made of vinyl to the more expensive ones made of higher quality materials like silicone and TPE, there are dolls for everyone.

But my favorite type of sex doll is one made with a soft silicone blend that feels like real human skin. These dolls are the closest thing you can get to having a real partner and they really look and feel like the real thing. Plus, their internal heating system creates a pleasant skin temperature for a more life-like experience.

And if budget is a concern, there are plenty of options available with different pricing models. Companies like Real Doll and Best Love Dolls offer payment plans and other options to make buying a doll more affordable. So it’s definitely possible to get one, even if you don’t have a large sum of money to spend.

Now let’s talk about what kind of features and accessories you can get with a full size silicone japanese sex doll. Many of them come with interchangeable body parts and accessories such as wigs, eyelashes, nipples, and genitals. You can even get a custom-made body and change its size and shape according to your personal preferences.

In addition, many dolls come with a “movable” feature that allows you to make them move their arms and legs. This gives you the ability to put them in different poses and makes them feel even more like an actual partner.

Moreover, if you want to take your experience even further, you can also find dolls that come with a built-in AI feature, which adds an extra layer of realism to your experience. This AI feature allows the doll to respond to voice commands, which can make it feel even more real.

Speaking of realism, tissue texture technicians are also available to adjust the texture of the doll’s skin to make it more lifelike. This makes the dolls even softer and more realistic to the touch.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more advanced than a basic blow-up doll, there are also lifelike silicone dolls that come with realistic features and functions. These dolls come with full features and body movements such as head turning, torso twisting and even blinking eyes that make them look and feel even more realistic.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an incredibly realistic sex doll, there’s no better option than full-size silicone blow up sex dolls. These dolls are incredibly detailed and dildos lifelike and provide an experience you won’t soon forget. So if you’re looking for a unique experience, what are you waiting for?