what ever happened to gritty woman sex toy reviewer

I still remember the first time I heard about Gritty Woman, the sex toy reviewer. She was a former feminist activist, turned sex toy tester and blogger. To me, she personified empowerment at its very best. I’d never heard a woman talk that openly and honestly, about her experience with sex toys and their effects on her wellbeing.

In the early days of her reviews, she was known for being an unbiased voice of reason when it came to the myriad of toys on the market. She took no prisoners, no matter the manufacturer or price point. She was unafraid to speak truth to power, blazing the trail and vibrators showing that women could listen to their own intuition when it came to pleasure.

But then, one day, she seemed to vanish. Poof! Suddenly, she was gone. No one really knew what happened to her. Rumors abounded but no one had an answer. The blog is still up but the last post was over a year ago.

I’ve often wondered about her fate. Did she find success? Happiness? Or, like so many passionate people who fight for a cause and then burn out, did she simply disappear into the night? Where did she go?

Some say she’s working on a book while others believe she simply lost the fire that sparked her reviews in the first place. But whatever happened, she had an impact far beyond her reach. She showed us that living in a world where we’re taught to be ashamed of our sexuality doesn’t have to be the only option. And she championed the idea that owning our pleasure is not only a right, but an absolute necessity no matter who you are.

I often think back to her and her purpose-driven voice. She made an impact, and even if she’s no longer around, the spirit of Gritty Woman lives on. She’s a reminder that we can all stand up and speak out, no matter who we are.

It got me thinking, what other amazing women out there are still speaking out, giving us the courage to own our pleasure and be honest about our sexuality?

I got out my laptop and started digging. To my surprise, I found a whole host of other female sex to toy reviewers, all with outspoken voices and inspiring stories of personal transformation. I was blown away by the sheer number of them!

One woman, who goes by the name of ‘Sex Toy Polly’, is a TV presenter and professional sex toy tester. She’s frank, unflinching and never holds back her opinion, offering her viewers the chance to witness her honest reactions to different sex toys as she tries them ‘in action.’

And there’s Lexi Void, another independent sex toy reviewer and queer activist. She champions queer and poly life in her reviews, offering an intersectional feminist perspective on sex toys. She talks openly about her sex life, and how it ties into her reviews.

I was so inspired by these women and the fact that they are undeterred in their journey to championing women and their right to pleasure and owning their own sex life. It goes to show that if we are brave enough to speak our truth, amazing things can happen. Courage can be contagious.

When I think of Gritty Woman and the other amazing women out there speaking out, it begs the question, what could our lives look like if we all championed pleasure with unquestionable bravery? How much happier and healthier would we be, knowing we had the right and the freedom to pursue pleasure and own our sexuality? It’s a wondrous thought.