why do people throw dildos at patriots games

As a friend and real sports fanatic, I’ve got to say that throwing dildos at Patriots games has been one of the most inexplicable trends that I’ve seen. People literally bring out their sex toys and hurl them onto the field, and it always takes me by surprise. It’s like a scene right out of a slapstick comedy movie!

The first time this happened to me, I was beyond shocked. I just couldn’t believe that someone actually did that. I was embarrassed for all those involved, and for the fact that it was in front of a live audience. After all, there were so many kids in the stands who didn’t need to see that kind of behavior.

Yet I get it. People want to let their voices be heard, even if it is in a strange and inappropriate manner. It’s sort of like a ‘silent protest’ of sorts. In a way, throwing dildos at Patriots games is an expression of frustration and a sign that something isn’t right with the team. As an avid fan, it saddens me but I respect it.

My friends and I debate about the real reasons why people are doing this. Is it a cry for attention? A statement against the Patriots organization? Or is it just all in good fun? Whatever the reason, it’s still baffling that people are throwing dildos at games.

Some people justify it by saying that it’s the only way to show their displeasure with the team without having to say anything. After all, it’s hard to shout over the thousands of rowdy fans who are there to cheer on the Patriots. So they are, in a way, signifying their distaste for the team in a subtle way.

However, I still don’t think it is appropriate. There are other ways to express what they’re feeling about the team without resorting to such outrageous behavior. For instance, fans could organize a peaceful protest or write to the team and demand change.

Another option is to create a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the issues they have with the team. Word travels fast, and soon everyone will know and understand why they are taking such drastic measures. This is a far more effective way to get their message across, and the team will understand the gravity of their grievance.

At the end of the day, it’s all personal opinion. Me, personally I don’t agree with throwing dildos as a statement but I respect why people do it. Fun or not, I don’t think it is an effective way to to show their displeasure with the team. I understand why people feel the need to be heard, but I prefer that people to take more creative and appropriate outlets to make their voices heard.