I’m sure you’ve noticed how heavy your sex doll is. It can be quite a guessing game when trying to figure out why? Well, here are some ideas on why sex dolls are so heavy.

First of all, material plays a big role in the heaviness of sex dolls. Most are made from silicone, which not only weighs a lot but is also very strong. It’s also a non-porous material, sex dolls which means it won’t absorb a lot of water, keeping it from getting heavier. Additionally, it’s more expensive than other materials, so manufacturers might be increasing its weight to make up for the added cost.

Second, the fiberglass core of the sex doll is also very heavy. This core is typically made from high-grade materials that make it strong and durable, but also very heavy. The thickness of the shell also adds to its weight.

Then, obviously, the bigger the sex doll, the heavier it will be. Especially since the bigger sizes are likely to have bigger proportions, and more material is needed to fill them out properly.

In addition to the size, other factors such as the clothing, makeup, hair, accessories, and poses can all add to the weight. A sex doll that’s dressed up in an elaborate outfit will definitely be heavier than one that’s nude.

Plus, manufacturers are always putting new technologies into the dolls, which also adds to the weight. Animatronics, sound technology, lighting, and voice commands all add heft to sex dolls.

So, why is sex doll so heavy? Well, it all comes down to the material it’s made of, the fiberglass core, the bigger sizes, the clothing, makeup, hair, accessories, and poses, and the technologies included with sex dolls. All of these things add up to make it heavier than you’d think!

Aside from that, the weight also ensures that the sex doll isn’t too easy to move around. Since these products are expensive and delicate, leaving them unsecured is not an option. That’s why a doll’s heaviness makes it difficult for someone to simply grab it and walk away.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the heaviness of these dolls is mainly beneficial and not necessarily a liability. The increased weight ensures that the doll will be able to handle its intended use for a long time with minimal wear and tear. It also makes it durable enough to resist outside forces like wind, rain, and snow.

Furthermore, if you’re into the act of domination, then a heavy sex doll can be a great aid in that regard. This is especially true with bigger and more built dolls which can really bring your fantasies to life.

Finally, a heavy doll is also more realistic and lifelike. This helps to create an immersive experience to heighten pleasure. Plus, it will help you stay in a relaxed and comfortable position for longer periods of time.

There you have it, why sex doll so heavy. As you can see, the heaviness of these dolls is a huge advantage, making them more realistic, durable, and secure. So, if you ever wondered why your sex doll is heavier than you expected, it all makes sense now!